Community living is getting popular; hence, we have some famous housing societies, such as Bahria Town and Eden villas, in major cities of Pakistan. Now, people living in housing societies understand the stress of the responsibilities for upholding the housing society by functional stuff. It includes bill clearance, top-notch security system, and proper up keeping of the housing society. Since housing societies are all about the big colony of hundreds of houses, it gets quite challenging for the authorities to stay up to date regarding concerns of each member of society. The modern era comprises of revolutionary technology offering a speedy solution to almost every ambiguity. Successfully managing a gigantic housing society can be a hectic task, and this is where digital society management mobile app steps into the rescue. Believe me! These mobile apps are a blessing in disguise as management authorities can promptly take everyday issues of the housing society in lesser time and investment.

The technologically advanced mobile apps bring residents of the society, and management authorities together at one platform, where they get a real-time update of every concern of the people. Furthermore, a decent mode of SMS notification makes it more convenient. Well, if this does not sound convincing enough, let me take you through some perks of using a mobile app for housing societies:

Expenditure collection:

A vital job is housing societies is the transaction of up keeping bills. However, the problem is that authorities often do not get bills timely or lack adequate time to clear the dues. Hence, smartphone apps step in for assistance, a hassle-free way to clear maintenance dues by a few clicks. Besides, the SMS alert gives a quick reminder of the forthcoming bill. The smart the app saves you from the long queue by helping you pay the bills by sitting on their cozy couch. Furthermore, you get the liberty to check the payment status and receipt by a few clicks from the smartphone.

Household helpers:

Admit it! We all cannot imagine our lives without the maid and domestic house helper. However, the modern era of betrayal and selfishness adds to the concerns of finding a trustworthy house help. The smartphone app is a blessing for women living in the society as it offers society registered domestic help at your doorstep.

Direct access to all emergency numbers:

Another perk of society management app is offering all the emergency numbers to tackle any unforeseen situation. A few clicks, the app direct you to the concerned emergency number.

Chat and online support:

The mobile app takes the process of the smooth functioning of daily tasks up a notch. Moreover, the bunch of features, it also brings together the resident on one platform. Giving a splendid opportunity to interact with each other, and sharing ideas for betterment, the chat, and online support renders real time assistance for any ambiguity.

Overall, the mobile app is the enduring need of all the housing societies, such as Bahira town. Besides, assisting in routine tasks, it also provides the opportunity to experience living in a community.

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