LinkedIn is now one of the most popular Social Media network that connects you to many different people in the circle of industry you’re in. Employers and recruiters already consider this as an avenue where they can hire professionals in the easiest way possible. Why? Almost everything’s digital. You can do everything virtually. Professionals have their own LinkedIn accounts, where you can check their background, work history, etc. For recruiters, LinkedIn is definitely an amazing tool, makes everything fast and easy in the corporate world. Sure thing is, you want to know more why, as a recruiter, I choose to use LinkedIn. Let me give you three major reasons why:

There Are Always New Members Everyday :New Members Everyday

what makes LinkedIn a good avenue for recruitment is that, there’s always new people signing up as a member for which you can check their portfolios. Everyone have different set of skills and the one you might have hired lack something important for the growth of a certain company. With LinkedIn, you can always hire anyone suitable for the company. No more piles of resumes and application letters on your desk, you can breathe and just focus on reading every
applicant’s portfolio.

Referral Friendly :

one of the best benefits of using LinkedIn for resource hunting is that, there’s always a connection after another. What I mean is, LinkedIn makes it very easy for the employees to identify and connect with the others in similar profession that could eventually become an employee referral. Recruiters who have huge access to the entire database of LinkedIn can easily suggest you names within the LinkedIn website, and so, you can simply look over to their portfolio. Sweet, right?

Compare And Search Accurate Profiles :

since resumes come in many different formats, I consider it as a nightmare, when it comes to searching and comparing them. Pretty much of the recruiters surely know what I mean here. However, with the LinkedIn profiles, I found them consistent and contain the same format in each portfolio. Moreover, the profiles are more accurate than the resumes. You would be able to know whatever you need to know in a single page.

I will never wonder why many recruiters, employers and job hunters use LinkedIn, the benefits it has for everyone is simply amiable.