I own a business and that leads in having a brand, but I am not really familiar with brand positioning. Well, that was for the initial days of having a business, but I changed! I learnt to know what this is all about, what to do and what’s not.

With brand positioning, I figured out that I should differentiate my brand in the minds of my customers. I learned about creating the perceptions that my customers can associate easily with my brand and I’m pretty certain, as a business owner, you should do it to. Let’s start creating foundations on which our brand strategy, communication, innovation and even plans and tactics are being built. However, for those who are not yet familiar, let me show you the myths of brand positioning.

Myth 1 – Branding is equal to advertising and marketing.

When talking about branding, I learned that a lot of people think of advertising or marketing. What I learned is that, branding is a lot bigger than these two. Branding is definitely the holistic approach that we use to build our brand and shape the minds of our consumers.

Myth 2 –Great logo, name and slogan is branding.

Most of the business owners think that the logo, the name and the slogan is everything that you can find in a brand, but it’s just not. Effective branding should come with creative logo and that you should establish an emotional connection with your audiences. This way, consumers will be influenced with your holistic approach.

Myth 3 –Branding is the Marketing and PR People’s Responsibility.

It is a big NO. Consistence is always essential to a brand as it could really affect the success of any business. Everyone needs to be involved in branding and everyone should play their role for the success of the brand.

Myth 4 –Identifiable brands make more money.

Wrong! Consumers support the strong brands. It’s already proven that those products that are branded well significantly sells better than those without definitive brand.

Myth 5 –Good brands just happen.

Well, this is the same as Myth #3. You should know that a good brand needs to be consistent, recognizable and relatable. It should be constructed carefully and managed AT ALL TIMES.

As a Brand Consultant at BRET Consulting, I advise my clients not to believe in all these myths and we follow the RIGHT RULES for their brand positioning. I can assure you’ll attain success in a short amount of time. Happy Branding!