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Why user experience matters for mobile apps?

The race of digitalizing businesses is transforming the world into a global village. I’m sure most of you might agree with me that smartphones, laptops, and digital system are the sole of businesses today. Now, users like me who are unaware of the bits and pieces of the digital world might be unaware of the user experience […]

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Getting Started with Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation is all about finding new and relevant ways to add value to the business in the face of fast-changing circumstances. It must survive the situations for which the environmental, economic, social, political, technological, national, global and even local has to offer. Many people have been into devising any sort of innovative ways […]

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Five Myths Of Brand Positioning

I own a business and that leads in having a brand, but I am not really familiar with brand positioning. Well, that was for the initial days of having a business, but I changed! I learnt to know what this is all about, what to do and what’s not. With brand positioning, I figured out […]

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