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3 reasons why it’s time to Outsource Recruitment

These days, companies have already realized the value of hiring a recruitment agency. With this kind of assistance, the effort of finding as well as recruiting people is fast and simple. Companies do not really have to stress about the recruitment process anymore, since it is being more efficiently handled by a credible third party. […]

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Are Applicant Tracking Software Worth a Spend?

My friend started his business alone and he started growing it, until he had about 5 people in his team. For him, hiring is definitely challenging in growing a business, although it could be a little fun. But, it would always be harder. Tracking down your applicants, knowing if they really are what you need […]

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Three Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Better For Resource Hunting

LinkedIn is now one of the most popular Social Media network that connects you to many different people in the circle of industry you’re in. Employers and recruiters already consider this as an avenue where they can hire professionals in the easiest way possible. Why? Almost everything’s digital. You can do everything virtually. Professionals have their own […]

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