My friend started his business alone and he started growing it, until he had about 5 people in his team. For him, hiring is definitely challenging in growing a business, although it could be a little fun. But, it would always be harder. Tracking down your applicants, knowing if they really are what you need is a difficult task.

However, hiring is not anymore what it was. Being part of HR functions, it’s plainly easy for me and this is all because of the Applicant Tracking Software. Why? They helped me a lot, for converting all of the text resumes into a searchable database records.

Spending so much time reading and filing resumes is long gone now. If you’re a hard recruiter like me, you know how much time we spend for doing these things. Well, if you’re still thinking how this Applicant Tracking Software can help, let me give you some of its benefits, for which I am also taking advantage to:

  • The engagement of applicants are increased – if you receive more applications, then you have a lot of options as well. However, getting these applications sent your way needs engagement with the qualified professionals. This software provided me an array of solutions and it has helped me to reach out to the perfect candidates for my company! How good is that? From the consolidated management of the external job postings down to strategies for social recruiting on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, they became my one-stop resource for helping me engage with the best applicants.
  • I’m 100% secured – you might not know it, but Applicant Tracking Software are actually compliant with federal hiring regulations. It’s giving me the benefit of hiring people for my company easily and it’s also protecting me! Good! This system gives me that highest-level of security with regards to applicant information, exceeding current management practice requirements.

You can read about Applicant Tracking Software here ( to know more about it. At BRET Consulting, we recommend some really good solutions to our clients that reach to us for our advice on acquiring an applicant tracking software. One of my recommendations is Recruiterbox that helps you manage parsing resumes for contact information, tracking applicants and interview scheduling. You can read more about it here (