I’m sure you all have experienced those bizzar long feedback time or customer service representatives not available. But, a disruptive customer service can be game-changer for sure. This is where Al Chatbot steps in for the rescue.

What is Al Chatbot?

Those who are new to this term take a look at this definition,” a Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversation by using key pre-calculated user phrases and auditory or text-based signals. Chatbots are frequently used for basic customer service and marketing systems that frequent social networking hubs and instant messaging (IM) clients”. Still confused, let us simplify it for you with daily life examples:

Perks of using Chatbot for banking:

Now, in layman’s language, Al Chatbot is not the modified version of a typical recorder. Besides responding the customer queries, it can learn as well. Banks from countries like America and China are going for this Artificial Intelligence powered system (and why not who does not enjoy a helping hand). But what are the perks of using Chatbot? Well, make sure you stay connected to get an insight into the pluses of using Al Chatbot:

24/7 customer service:

The busy tone even after calling customer service representatives a thousand times is a reality check to the poor customer services. Despite, the ancient mean of customer service is costly (especially in long run), but hectic as well. Even though, typical customer services follow a series of step, such as hiring hundreds of employees, educating them, and paying wages. It is costly, yet at the end of the daywe find authorities struggling with the servicesaverage quality. Nonetheless, Al Chatbot is a breath of fresh air. The gift of technology is a solution to all the customer service ambiguities, smartly responding to the customer’s queries 7 days a week, WHOA impressive! Now, let us take an example, HSBC’s Amy, the famous Hong Kong bank has introduced Amy in their banks, and they are quite happy with it. Amy is chatbot name specifically for HSBC, available on the front desk, where you can get answers to some basic queries. Though Amy is under the learning process, it can accommodate you in all the minor inquiries. So, like Hong Kong, Pakistan can also introduce this astonishing technology in their banks for employee and clientele ease.

Private banking service:

Admit it! The current era clientele is complicated compared to the ’90s. We are slaves of technology, wishing entire banking and trisections done by single click. Therefore, banks globally are adopting Al Chatbot for impeccable customer services such as money transfer or mini bank statement.

Now, who is this world is not aware of Facebook, The global addiction (If I may call so) is driving people insane. Wells Fargo an American bank came up with a genius idea of blending Facebook with the chatbot, Impressive! Honestly, it the smartest decision ever, because the clientele is thoroughly enjoying it. Besides, it is super easy to use, simply create your login account, and enjoy online banking with services like balance check, transactions, and mini bank slips. Trust me, we can apply this in Pakistan as well, famous UBL can take utmost advantage using the same technology, and get connected to the customers.

Assistance in financial matters:

Great news for users with zero knowledge of handling finances, Chatbot can be your guiding light in such matters. All you need is, spill out your queries, and Chatbot will come up with the best possible solution, easy breezy! Essentially people new to banking cannot manage their finances well, they need constant guidance; a Chatbot is a savior for such people. In my opinion, Pakistan needs this technology as our banks enjoy all sorts of clientele be it a retired pensioner, an illiterate villager, or a teenager saving some of his pocket money, Chatbot will cater to all. Even though they can read the manual, but a Chatbot device is an effective solution.

To put it in simple words, striving for better is part of human nature, and banks across the globe are taking utmost advantage of Chatbot for excellent customer service. It can help you deal with issues such as customer distrust, low user engagement, and bad conversion rates. Now, the ball is in your court, it’s time to uplift our banking system to matchup the steps of international banking.